Ventura Film Festival

The Ventura Film Festival is “the largest film festival ever held in Ventura County.”

The Ventura Film Festival is an open genre international film festival that raises awareness for environmental issues such as forest and ocean preservation and restoration, through a yearly film festival and related events.

The Ventura Film Festival was founded in 2004 and has screened hundreds of films, usually over 200 films each summer, and has attracted attention from the international film community. Some of the highlights have been hosting award winning filmmaker Dylan O’Neil, the first ever world champion surfers Peter “PT” Townend and Ian Cairns, 4 time world champion Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/MMA fighter Fabio Leopoldo, and the 50th Anniversary of West Side Story, which included hosting the entire Academy Award winning cast of West Side Story, including Academy Award winner/Golden Globe winner George Chakiris and Golden Globe winner/Academy Award nominee Russ Tamblyn.

The Ventura Film Festival founder and executive director, was selected to take part, along with many of Hollywood’s top stars, in the 50th Anniversary of West Side Story and Hollywood’s footprint/handprint ceremony for Academy Award winners Rita Moreno, George Chakiris, and Golden Globe winner Russ Tamblyn at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood. This event also doubled as the official BluRay release by Fox and MGM of West Side Story, which is widely considered by critics and fans to be the best musical of all time.

We accept submissions free of charge and year-round. To submit your work to the Ventura Film Festival just send us an email with a link to info -at- If there is a login required be sure to include all of the needed login details. If the login doesn’t work the first time we might not have time to troubleshoot the problem and may not get to your submission in time. We cannot accept file attachments via email due to security, bandwidth, and storage reasons. We give priority to submissions where the filmmaker/writer will attend the festival in person and to world premieres. By submitting your work to us you give us and our partners the full legal right to use your full name, company name, name of work (film/screenplay click here name), and to display/project/show/print/read the work in full or part without cost. We do not pay screening fees under any circumstances.

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We invite you to read about the Ventura Film Festival and hope that you will take advantage of our free year-round film and screenplay submissions and volunteer to help put on this great event!

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